4 Essential Scrapbooking Tools

The following essential scrapbooking tools will be incredibly useful as you make progress in your scrapbooking. They are each a wonderful addition to your collection of supplies and tools, and being designed especially for crafting projects such as creating scrapbooks, you will find them to be an amazing help in giving your scrapbooks that extra something.

1. Paper Punches

Sure, you could spend hours painstakingly cutting patterns into your construction paper with a pair of normal scissors. This can be a fun activity during your scrapbooking and you can use it for simple shapes, but there is no comparison to having pre-cut paper templates that give you instant magic! There are more paper punch categories and designs than you can shake a stick at, ranging from butterflies, squigglies, stars, snowflakes, raindrops, and hearts, to borders, patterns and corner accents.

Quick Tip: After you’ve removed the interior punch, use the outside as a stencil.

Paper punches don’t just include the ready-made paper designs and cutouts themselves, but also hand-operated, decorative punch tools. These are essentially a fancy version of a hole punch, and they allow you to punch out specific patterns from any piece of paper or cardstock.

2. Decorative Scissors

Great for creating borders, frames, and fancy backgrounds of many styles. Decorative scissors have two matching blades which, instead of being straight, form a nice-looking edge with multiple curves and/or patterns. You’d really be surprised at how much flair and pizzazz you can add to a page by cutting edges on a decorative line rather than a straight one!

3. A Big Sticker Collection

Now don’t go crazy with these. But having a good selection with a wide variety of styles and shapes to choose from can go a long way to add to a page that incorporates your best scrapbooking ideas. Stickers should be used as accent pieces, not as a central theme (unless it’s done well) – your pages should not be littered with dozens of stickers. They are one of the easiest and fastest ways to decorate a scrapbook page, so people tend to go overboard. Use them sparingly and tastefully and you’ll get some wonderful results.

4. Sharpie Markers

The trusty old sharpie – matchless in its strength, marking power, and toxic fumes – but great for scrapbooking nonetheless. You can get these in full-color sets just like washable markers, only permanent. They tend to be more vibrant and are able to write on a larger variety of surfaces than traditional washables.

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    With the right tools you can create better layouts and designs on your scrapbook and also, beautiful embellishments.

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