4 Life-Changing Events You Should Be Scrapping

The following scrapbooking ideas are meant to provide some inspiration and get you out of the “same-old, same-old” mentality that you might have gotten yourself into a rut with over time by scrapping the same events each year. I hope they get you on track toward a new phase in your scrapping!

1. The Birth of a Child
It doesn’t have to be your own; a grandchild, niece or nephew, godchild, or a close friend’s newborn can be a great subject for a scrapbook or page. Especially if it isn’t your own child, this can make a great gift for the proud new parents.

2. A New Home
You may be at your first home buying stage and wish to document or share the experience with others. Even if you don’t like the look of your home at first and want to make a lot of changes before you show it off to anyone, still take photos and get a good collection of images of how the place looks right when you buy it, before you have set your hand to the plow and made it into the home of your dreams.

These photos can serve as comparisons for your own benefit after the work is done, and they will also add a special touch to your home scrapbook pages so that your family and friends can see how far you’ve come with the place.

3. Weddings
What better present to give a bride and groom than a beautifully decorated and embellished scrapbook full of your best scrapbooking ideas? Yes, some people end up scrapping their own weddings, but in the hectic rush of starting a new life together, newlyweds may not have the time or desire to scrapbook right away and so their personal projects may get pushed to the back burner. Help them out by creating a couple of tasteful scrapbook pages for them and they’ll think of not only their wedding, but also you, whenever they look at them!

4. Minor Holidays
There are of course the standard birthday, vacation, and Christmas scrapbooking ideas, but most everyone who has been scrapping for awhile has done one or many of these. What about the less “extravagant” holidays that might not be as memorable? Cherish these memories of time spent with your loved ones by scrapbooking smaller events, which are no less special than the big ones! A day trip or road trip you took over the summer, a Memorial Day cookout, or a day stranded inside the house during a winter blizzard can all make great subjects for scrapbook pages about fun times that you may have otherwise forgotten about.

If that’s not enough and you find yourself needing more ideas for your scrapbooks, go straight to the source. There are tons of great books about scrapbooking that are chock-full of wonderful ideas and techniques to give you new inspiration and add a little pizzazz to your event-based scrapping!

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  2. Amy Jewell says:

    Thanks for the great reminder. I am getting married this Summer and it would be great to scrapbook the event. Have you ever worked with altered books? My three sisters and I are doing a project where we each start an altered book and then pass it on for each sister to alter it and embellish. It’s really fun. I haven’t really started yet, though, so nothing really to report there.

  3. scrapbooker says:

    That does sound like fun! It’s like a game of sentence story, where you go around in a circle and each person makes up a few words or lines. Someone starts with “Once upon a time…” or “It was a dark and stormy night…” What a neat way to do something unique with your sisters! Are you scrapping about general topics or will these all be wedding-related?

  4. 4 Life-Changing Events You Should Be Scrapping and you might also add the scrapbook sayings to express your thoughts and feelings. It’d be fantastic!

  5. Kris says:

    You can add birthdays, anniversaries, well I guess these are part of the holidays huh. 😀 Scrapbooking is a lot of fun, it goes well with any major and minor event in our lives.

  6. I started scrapping when my youngest niece was born, just recently. I grabbed a bunch of Tim Holtz stamps and paper crafting materials I got from a site called Christina’s Crafts and just let my creativity do the rest. It is wonderful, and I’m sure my little niece will love it in the future.

  7. MyScrap says:

    oh, thanks for the great ideas =)

  8. Oscar says:

    I find scrapbooking fun and NOT ONLY for women..haha.. Men have great scrapbooking ideas too you know. :)

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