4 Quick Scrapbooking Tips

Scrapbooking can be a great way to show the moments of your friends and family history by making use of a creative medium and organizing them in an aesthetically satisfying way. For a lot of us crafty people, we are disorganized at heart and so the problem is getting organized to begin with!

A scrapbook is like an album of pictures on crack (or steroids, if you prefer to go with something less illegal. Or Red Bull, if less illicit). With a scrapbook, you’re not limited to photographs; anything you have that you want to save and/or display, as long as it will fit reasonably, can be included. All of your favorite knick-nacks, trinkets, and other memorabilia can make great additions to a scrapbook.

1. You Need Help (Or Could Use Some)
It might take hours to go through the items you want to include, but this can be one of the most fun parts of the process. You can make it even more fun if you manage to convince your significant other, spouse, parents or kids to help you.

2. Theme It!
The next step in scrapbooking (or “scrapping,” as some like to call it) is to design a theme or layout – there could be a recurring theme throughout the book with a different layout for each page, or you could theme every new page independently of the others – the beauty is that it’s completely up to you how you organize your scrapbooking ideas. Your theme can be as simple or as involved as you want it, but remember not to be overzealous; less is more in many cases.

3. Use Your Tools
Grab anything and everything you can think of that might be of help. Odd shapes make good stencils or borders, and trying several types of adhesives and writing implements will allow you to get the best results with your materials. You can never have too much colored paper, either!

4. Get A Second Opinion
This isn’t medical plan 101, I’m talking about actually asking for input from your friends on what they think. It’s hard sometimes to have tough skin and deal with any critiques or criticism someone might have, but I’m sorry to say that it’s part of being a designer! The visual appeal you are trying to create can always benefit from a second set of eyes, no matter what the application. The ‘net is a great place for this, and there are many scrapbooking ideas websites that will let you post your scrapbook pages for others to view and comment on.

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4 Responses to “4 Quick Scrapbooking Tips”

  1. Scrapbooking is on my list of things I want to get back to doing. I am lucky that I can sit down with my fiancé and we’ll pick photos we like the best together, so I have a good idea which ones I should put in future books. Great tips!

    ~ Kristi

  2. idea negocio says:

    idea negocio…

    Totalmente acertado. Además, todo se basa en el concepto de las cosas, en la idea. Es fundamental que se analicen bien los pros y los contras antes de pasar a la acción. Pero una vez tomada la decisión, el método de ejecución de la idea es tan imp…

  3. Kris says:

    These are excellent tips. I love scrapbooking. For me, it is fun and therapeutic.

  4. Scrapbooking was one of my hobbies when i was in high school and college. it was quite fun.-:”

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