Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies

You can use all manner of cheap scrapbooking supplies to make your pages stand out and give each one its own unique style and flavor. The look and feel of your pages depends not only on the actual items you want to display and preserve, but also on the materials you surround and decorate them […]

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4 Essential Scrapbooking Tools

The following essential scrapbooking tools will be incredibly useful as you make progress in your scrapbooking. They are each a wonderful addition to your collection of supplies and tools, and being designed especially for crafting projects such as creating scrapbooks, you will find them to be an amazing help in giving your scrapbooks that extra […]

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Scrapbook Layouts

How you do your scrapbook layouts should depend on the goal you are trying to achieve. It’s always a good idea to think about the contents of the page and the tone you are setting by creating it. What is your purpose in making this page? Who is it for, what is it about, and […]

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Scrapbook Items

So you might be wondering what kinds of scrapbook items people like to include, especially if you are a newbie. Well, if you think of a scrapbook as like an album full of pictures except that it has the capability to be so much more, you are on the right track. Following are some different […]

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