Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies

You can use all manner of cheap scrapbooking supplies to make your pages stand out and give each one its own unique style and flavor. The look and feel of your pages depends not only on the actual items you want to display and preserve, but also on the materials you surround and decorate them with.

We won’t get into the specific cheap scrapbooking supplies you can use for now – I will detail those in a later post – but let’s talk about the general supplies you should always have with you. Scissors, construction paper, a glue stick, hot glue, school glue, scotch tape, packing tape, scrapbooking adhesives, markers, pens and pencils are all essential supplies to keep with you for scrapbooking.

Why so many different types of tapes and glues, you ask? Well, each one serves its own purpose and can help you to attach different items to your page in a way that will make them sturdy enough to last without damaging different items. A small, flat trinket like a beloved coin, a dried flower, or a small lock of hair, for example, could be laid underneath a decoratively cut length of packing tape to form a seal over top of it. Packing tape is a much stronger material than regular scotch tape and it comes in wider lengths, so it can be more easily used to lock in particularly valuable or delicate items.

In addition, you can usually find special adhesives that are meant to form a strong bond but will not damage certain items. There are specially made materials that serve purposes solely for scrapbooking and crafting, so you should check out some of these at your local craft store or friendly scrapbooking ideas website before you begin your scrapbooking adventures.

The main reason why it’s important to have all these materials, along with cheap scrapbooking supplies, around you is because you might suddenly find yourself “in the mood” and then realize you don’t have what you need. In these instances, the moment may be lost because you don’t have the time or the motivation to go out to the store and pick up the necessary supplies. When inspiration strikes, be in the position to take advantage of it!


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