How To Scrapbook

This post will go over how to scrapbook in the traditional sense; if you would like to learn about scrapbooking ideas for digital scrapbooking, check out that section of the site. Also, if you are unfamiliar with what scrapbooking is, exactly, we have a page on that too!

To start out learning how to scrapbook if you have never done it before, you first have to assemble a collection of keepsake items that you want to keep. These can be any items you think would be nice to display and preserve in a place where they will be laid out in a pleasing manner to the eye. Whether they are photos or images, drawings and sketches, other small pieces of artwork, or trinkets that hold nostalgic value.

Really, anything you can think of, literally, could be used. Anything that triggers some sort of memory of a good time in your life. A button that fell off the blouse you wore on your first date with your husband; a piece of the guitar string he broke the first time he sang you a song; a lock of hair; tickets to a theater production; the dried corsage from your senior prom.

You’ll find that these items can be arranged on a page and attached as you please so their condition is maintained and they are not damaged. You can use only imagery and photographs, or you can use words, phrases, notes and quotes to describe and accentuate the items on each page. What you are doing when you learn how to scrapbook is assembling a visual history of yourself. The moments and situations that stick out in your mind sometimes have physical counterparts that you have just never been able to bring yourself to get rid of.

Even though the vast majority of people may consider these items to be junk, they hold a special value to you and instead of just leaving them sitting and collecting dust in a box somewhere, figuring out how to scrapbook them into a good-looking presentation is a fantastic way to show them off. And if you’re looking for inspiration in that regard, there are tons of great books about scrapbooking that are sure to spark some creativity in you!

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