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So you might be wondering what kinds of scrapbook items people like to include, especially if you are a newbie. Well, if you think of a scrapbook as like an album full of pictures except that it has the capability to be so much more, you are on the right track. Following are some different types of scrapbook items you could consider for inclusion into your pages.


If you are the type who saves everything, not only will you make a great scrapbooker, but you will also have a huge inventory of items to choose from, including the tickets you have saved from every possible event that required a ticket in for as long as you can remember! This can include tickets to the movies, the theater, a rock concert or other musical event, or to the play of a local high school or college drama department.

Tickets could be as simple as raffle tickets from a fair or carnival you visited with a friend or loved one(s). They come in many different forms, but they make great scrapbook memories accents for pages that have pictures of you and your friends or family from the very same event!


While it’s not a good idea to put expensive jewelry in a scrapbook, you might find that adding jewelry that has little monetary value would be a good idea. Beaded necklaces with lettered names, friendship bracelets, plastic rings from the candy machines at the supermarket, and any other tiny accessory that is broken or has gone unused for awhile can help to remind you of a certain period of time and help you visualize it. It might even bring up a story or two about where it came from or how it ended up the way it did.


While greeting cards – or pieces of them – would be an obvious thought here, I’m not going to limit this section to just those cards with sentimental or funny sayings on them that you gave or received for a birthday or other holiday. Cards might include your first business card from your first real job or your first home-based or self-employed business, a special playing card, sports card or collectible trading card. They all have the benefit of being flat, similar to a photo, and so they are easier to place in a book format than certain more bulky items.


As long as it will fit inside your book, it can be used. Notes, scraps of paper, love letters, pieces of string or cord, fabric, locks of hair, buttons, and many other tiny trinkets make great scrapbooking ideas for your scrapbooks.

It doesn’t end there! Fortunately for us scrappers, there are tons of wonderful books about scrapbooking that can add inspiration and creativity to the items we choose to highlight in our layouts.

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