Scrapbook Layouts

How you do your scrapbook layouts should depend on the goal you are trying to achieve. It’s always a good idea to think about the contents of the page and the tone you are setting by creating it. What is your purpose in making this page? Who is it for, what is it about, and how does it relate to your life? Answer these questions and you will probably come up with some more focused scrapbooking ideas to incorporate into your layout.

Next think about the visual style of your scrapbook layouts. Do you want to do something unique and innovative? Spark an emotional reaction in yourself or other friends and relatives who see it? You could be going for an inspiring page or one that gives the viewer that warm and fuzzy feeling. Sentimentality plays a big role, as does comedy. It’s quite possible that you simply want to create a page that makes people laugh!

One major thing to consider in your scrapbook layouts is called composition. That just means the organization of the way things are laid out on the page. If you want a single picture with some other decorative items around it, your first instinct might be to put it right smack dab in the center of your page, aligned both horizontally and vertically in the middle. But scrapbooking ideas should be just like any other art form, and you should try to think outside the box in order to make your scrapbooks and pages unique.

This can definitely work, but wouldn’t it add some visual interest to the layout if you placed the photo off to one side and slightly down beneath the imaginary halfway line? What about keeping it in the center, but skewing it off kilter/balance and using corner brackets or decorative corner pieces to accentuate the look? Go as far as you need to go in order to increase the “wow” factor that people will experience the first time they see your page. When it comes to scrapping, first impressions are everything if you can make the right one!

There are limitless possibilities, and your final look will depend on your own style, the materials you are using and what you have to work with. You can really do some amazing things with your scrapbook layouts if you take the time to not only learn as you go along but also to take the advice of others and look at as many scrapbook layouts as you can get your eyes on!

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