Scrapbook Memories

Every human being has a part of the brain dedicated to memories – a storage room for recalling facts, events, and feelings we have learned and experienced in the past. It is the way we retain information and gain knowledge, both about who we are and about the world around us. Essentially, scrapbooking is a way of preserving certain memories using a visual representation of moments we want to remember from our past.

Keeping visual elements of our past is important because as our short term memory shifts into long term memory, we sometimes lose many of the sensory details of those events, as our minds only tend to store the most pertinent and relevant information as time goes by. Our minds are therefore like a somewhat leaky sieve in that they can hold a lot of information for a long period of time, but much of the information that is “closest to the edge” slowly drains away.

If you want to create the most valuable scrapbook memories that you possibly can, it may help you in your design phase to try recalling some of the sensory details that you remember from whichever event you are scrapping about. For instance, a family day at the park – the picnic you had, what you ate, the way the freshly cut grass smelled, the feel of the cool breeze, the temperature outside. This is a basic example, but what I’m trying to get at here is that the more you remember while you are scrapping about your past, the more you’ll be able to include in your write-ups and therefore the more complete your scrapbook memories will end up being.

Use these techniques to help you create great scrapbook layouts and pages. Make a list of the first five things that come to your mind about the event or person(s) you are scrapping for. Next, make a list of the five most important things to you about that event or person, ie. the way they made you feel, etc. Combining those ten things, you might just have an easier time coming up with new and more fantastic scrapbooking ideas for your future projects.

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